Dustless Vacuum

Dustless Vacuum

The Dustless Vacuum from Dustless Technologies is an economic choice for do-it-yourselfers and professional contractors that are interested in protecting their health and meeting EPA, NIOSH and OSHA guidelines. It is designed to capture the extra fine dust created in construction and fabrication that can cause silicosis and cancer. Extra fine dust is typically created when grinding with a diamond grinding wheel, cutting with a diamond blade, or sanding with a drywall sander.

The Dustless Vacuum features a double filter system along with an optional micro pre-filter that captures dust down to .5 microns in size. That's almost as effective as a HEPA vacuum that captures fine dust down to .3 microns. Unlike other shop vacuums, the Dustless Vauum won't "cough" out a cloud of dust when you turn it on so you can keep the air, workplace and surrounding environment virtually dust free.

If you are a remodeler, the Dustless Vacuum is a essential. The Dustless Vacuum helps you reduce the cost for clean up. Think of how dust goes everywhere - especially extra fine dust. Remodelers are also affected by new EPA regulations requiring the use of point-of-origin dust control accessories like the DustBuddy, CutBuddie, Dustie, BitBuddie, ChipBuddie and Turbo Drywall Sander - all from Dustless Technologies.

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Dustless Technolgies

Dustless Technologies makes these fine dust collection products:

  • DustBuddie
  • CutBuddie
  • Dustie
  • BitBuddie
  • ChipBuddie
  • Turbo Drywall Sander
  • Wet Dry Vacuum
  • ToolSync
  • Dustless Vacuum

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Dustless Technologies is the leading manufacturer and designer of dust control systems for use with power hand tools for the construction professional. The company makes dust shrouds for controlling dust on hand grinders under the brand names of DustBuddie and Dustie. It also makes a dust control tool for paint scraping called the ChipBuddie and a dustless drywall sander called the Turbo Drywall sander, that is an excellent alternative to heavier and more expensive Porter Cable drywall sanders. At the core of the Dustless Technologies product line is their Wet/Dry Vacuum which is specifically designed to capture the extra fine dust created by drywall sanding and cutting and grinding with diamond tools on a hand grinder.